Narrative of Life

Posted: September 8, 2014 in diary, photography
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All stories are about battles, of one kind or another, which end in victory and defeat. Everything moves towards the end, when the outcome will be known” (John Berger)

Above is one of my favorite quotes, the reason why i like this particular quote is because i can relate to it. Because that is how i see life, everyday we live life and that becomes a story, which explains our experience and what we know of the world. We are the narrators that keeps life’s stories in motion, our speaking and writing skills allow us to teach one another weather good or bad, that is human nature and it is our senses that help us experience life.

Out of the five senses, sight is the most important form of communication for me ( OK and touch) because without sight my photography would cease to exist. If i am going to talk about narrative and my photography, i need to explain the narrative that surrounds my work. So, For me to say that my photographs have narrative it is not true, the only narrative that exists surrounding my work comes from the viewer admiring my work. This is why i don’t always title my work,  its not just about me but how my work communicates to people. 

Sometimes a photograph can unlock a memory in a person, or it is something they can enjoy just based on the visual aesthetics. but the photograph is a visual language that can be personal which can make the image more beautiful,


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