Family Love

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The other day as i was going through the dusty cupboards i came across a book, a story book of photographs from the past, a partial book of my family history, the Photo album.

The family album to me is the one book that is a must have in any family household, it represents who we are and shows our identity and place in this world of where we come from.


The photos are full of different stories with interesting context, with furnishings in the background that gives away the era it was taken (and even the dodgy hairstyles). It is the best way of learning to read an image.

img071   img070


Looking through the old album can bring cheer and sadness, cheer to see those cheesy smiles and the sadness of hard times   around that time of the photograph was taken.

img074   img072


I would say the consolation of looking at the family album is self reflection and seeing how far the family in your book has come, even if you think it has not it can always make you think differently about life and  how you want to achieve your goals.

img076 img073

I would say that with brothers and sisters there is always love and war between them, love of respect but not war of hate, for the love and war is the same thing and it is those two things that bind them. (It’s funny how philosophical thoughts come into mind when reflecting).


So on a final note, the family album is our legacy and can help show our future siblings where we come from, it’s alright putting photos on to a computer, but putting them into a book shows love for the family. 


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