Gary Winogrand

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Gary Winogrand

Friedlander 1957

Gary Winogrand is considered one of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century, his most renowned works where taken during the 1950’s to the early 80’s . What you have to know about Winogrand is that he preferred taking pictures rather than developing them, making photo books and doing exhibitions apparently did not bother him.


Whenever i look at the photo above shot in 1955, i feel like i am there rubbing shoulders with the couple wondering what he told her to make her laugh hysterically. You can see that she is infatuated with him by her eye contact, and it appears they are at a dance, what gives this away for me is the positioning of the hands in the foreground and the couple in the background with the mans hand clasped around the womans.


If you look at many of Winogrands street photographs he loved photographing women that he found beautiful, The image above shot in 1965 is one of his street examples. He was never afraid to point and shoot at any subject in the street, you can see that he had to be quick which shows a sudden passing moment. Out of his many photographs of beautiful women in the streets There is one photograph that is his most famous in my opinion, that caused a lot of controversy for its time shown below.


I would say there are many readings into this photograph, if you glanced at this image quickly you probably would not notice anything wrong with this scene. As you can see instead of children the couple are holding chimps In children s clothing. Seeing the chimp clinging onto the woman as a baby would gives it’s controversy right there. Some have also wondered if it is a comment on biracial couples, but whatever peoples views and opinions it’s all about how they  read the image based on it’s context within the frame.

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