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Whilst going through my old film camera photos i could not help but admire the look of film, it has a quality and look that digital cannot replicate.


Sometimes whenever i go through discussion forums on the net, some people assume that film is dead ? in my opinion that is just not true, just because the digital camera is global and has made photography more accessible, does not mean that an old skill has died out.

Love amongst the bracken trees 


The film camera to me is a symbol of history in the photography world, it is completely different to a digital camera. The film camera is a magical experience especially if you have a dark room, Looking at the roll of developed film to Seeing the image appear on the photographic paper in the developer, is a very rewarding experience.( A feeling of satisfaction that you cannot get with digital). It is not just about developing the images that i enjoyed, but having to think more before i shoot betters my  composition. So overall Your ideas  and perspective can change and it can make you a more thought provoking photographer.


To say that film is dead is an insult to the greats of film photography, Cartier Bresson one of the greats of street photography, changed photography by establishing photography as an art form, and he referred to his Leica camera as “master of the instant”.


We now live in an age where we need digital and film, instant digital photography is important, especially for photojournalism. With mass media camera phones we connect our images with people in seconds and stay in touch more than ever. To respect photography you have to respect the past of photography and to shoot film whenever you get the chance, it is an image making experience that you will not get with digital, so go on people go out and buy a film camera you wont regret it.

All stories are about battles, of one kind or another, which end in victory and defeat. Everything moves towards the end, when the outcome will be known” (John Berger)

Above is one of my favorite quotes, the reason why i like this particular quote is because i can relate to it. Because that is how i see life, everyday we live life and that becomes a story, which explains our experience and what we know of the world. We are the narrators that keeps life’s stories in motion, our speaking and writing skills allow us to teach one another weather good or bad, that is human nature and it is our senses that help us experience life.

Out of the five senses, sight is the most important form of communication for me ( OK and touch) because without sight my photography would cease to exist. If i am going to talk about narrative and my photography, i need to explain the narrative that surrounds my work. So, For me to say that my photographs have narrative it is not true, the only narrative that exists surrounding my work comes from the viewer admiring my work. This is why i don’t always title my work,  its not just about me but how my work communicates to people. 

Sometimes a photograph can unlock a memory in a person, or it is something they can enjoy just based on the visual aesthetics. but the photograph is a visual language that can be personal which can make the image more beautiful,


Last Saturday i decided to visit Bardon hill which is the highest point in Leicestershire and an extinct volcano. My initial reason for this small expedition was to try out unexplored territory in my county, first of all i wanted to mainly get to the summit, but as usual i got distracted by some scenery that i felt had potential to become great subject matter.

So lets start with the image above that i took, this is the place that drew me in, the lush grass and trees where dancing in the wind and standing on this ancient volcano that is no more, i realized i had to explore. As i started to walk towards this valley i realized this was not going to be a walk in the park. With each step there seemed to be pot holes that where hidden from my sight, it was like nature was testing me turning it into a game and if i made it to the end i shall receive my prize.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Part way down this steep slope of fern and thistle i stopped and took a tea break and looked to my left, what a wonderful sight it was or shall i say is. There seems to be a certain dramatic romanticism, mountainous rocks that seem to rise out of the beautiful landscape. To me it symbolizes the natural beauty and power of nature.


Eventually i made it to the bottom, as soon as i saw this sight i was amazed but at the same time quite saddened, i was amazed by how much hard work man has put in to gather the rocks and minerals from this ancient landscape, But saddened to the point that man has left a scar upon the earth that can never be healed.

Everytime i look at the first image i cant help but imagine how this ancient landscape must of looked hundreds of years ago.

On Saturday,23rd,August i decided to look at the quarry from another perspective, the industrial side of society has always fascinated me. As i stood atop the hillside i could not help but be fascinated at how a different perspective can tell a different story.

What struck me visually about this industrialized landscape, is that i realized how nature is  a very dominating force in these shots. Because when it comes down to it, without nature and its empowering landscape filled with old volcanic minerals these factories and buildings would not be here.