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Life through a lens

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We people are consumers, from the space we take from nature, too building on these spaces for survival. Over time we have created societies, through each era society has grown, mainly thanks to consumerism. All this came to me as i was looking at a contact sheet of the images i shot, from some street photography i shot last weekend. I realized that it wasn’t just the people in my images that really fascinated me, but the image as a whole. As i was looking through my contacts, i thought, if these buildings where not here then neither would these coffee, food and clothes shops. We people are always a sucker for something new, and with technology getting more advanced, we are always after the latest gadget that can bring some change to our life’s. If these shops that contains these materialistic possessions where not here, then there would not be as many people, for these places/cities/towns form societies and because of the consumers that we are society has grown. But over these past few years society has now changed, mainly due to immigration which is now made society bigger than ever. This has now resulted as a ¬†mixed cultural society, especially in Leicester which is filled with many diverse cultures. To me this is just the changing times, some people find it hard to accept, but this is how it is. I for one embrace multiculturalism, for a photographer it makes great documentation.

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Pain and Passion

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Another project of mine that i wanted to share.