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Life through a lens

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Hello everyone my name is Danny, I run a creative community on Facebook called Creative Curators . It is a place where you can see projects from various photographers and videographers, that can expand your creativity. There is no snobbery just a community full of creative resources.
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Pain and Passion

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Another project of mine that i wanted to share.

As i was sitting in a coffee shop on a sunny morning in Leicester i was looking through the British Journal of Photography, a magazine that has many insightful stories of photographers from round the world, stories that i would call food for thought. However there was one article that captured my focus, mainly due to the fact it helped me to reflect on my way of life as a photographer  and a blogger in the UK. This article was about Bahrain, an island that is near the western shores of the Persian gulf. However this article i am writing is not about the geography of this place, this article is about how there are many photographers and reporters that are being detained and tortured. If any of these reporters are caught talking about Bahrain government in a negative way they are being taken away and sentenced to years in prison. If this is true then this is violating what i call ‘freedom of expression’. As a citizen of the UK, there are many things i love about this country, the countryside is one of them along with British pop music (David Bowie). However there is one thing that  i do love more than most things, and that is the ‘Freedom of Speech’, for it is a part of democracy and being able to have our say is important along with being able to vote.

If my government turned round to me and said you cannot say that, so we are going to arrest you and send you down for 25 years for speaking your mind, then i would expect people to respond with protests. You take away someones freedom of expression there is nothing left but anger, this anger can turn physical and bloody and before you know it the innocents get hurt.

This is an open discussion, what are your thoughts on governments that try to stop people from having there say?

Family Love

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The other day as i was going through the dusty cupboards i came across a book, a story book of photographs from the past, a partial book of my family history, the Photo album.

The family album to me is the one book that is a must have in any family household, it represents who we are and shows our identity and place in this world of where we come from.


The photos are full of different stories with interesting context, with furnishings in the background that gives away the era it was taken (and even the dodgy hairstyles). It is the best way of learning to read an image.

img071   img070


Looking through the old album can bring cheer and sadness, cheer to see those cheesy smiles and the sadness of hard times   around that time of the photograph was taken.

img074   img072


I would say the consolation of looking at the family album is self reflection and seeing how far the family in your book has come, even if you think it has not it can always make you think differently about life and  how you want to achieve your goals.

img076 img073

I would say that with brothers and sisters there is always love and war between them, love of respect but not war of hate, for the love and war is the same thing and it is those two things that bind them. (It’s funny how philosophical thoughts come into mind when reflecting).


So on a final note, the family album is our legacy and can help show our future siblings where we come from, it’s alright putting photos on to a computer, but putting them into a book shows love for the family.